Friday, July 17, 2009

New Hair Clips!

I've been working on more examples of hair clips. I really wish my photography was better, but oh well. Some of these were custom orders, some were for my daughter, and some were just for fun to show you different options.

I love these ones! They just show a basic black and white dotted ribbon clip with embellishments.

Just some simple flower clips. I made them to match specific outfits of my daughters.

These are on the regular sized alligator clips. They look darling in the hair! I also have white flowers that these can be made out of. And the middles can be different colors than what is shown.

More flower clips examples.

I'm posting these basically to show that I now have plain yellow and plain purple ribbon. The yellow is a normal yellow (it looks a bit off in this picture).

These were custom orders for my nieces. They go to a private school and their uniforms are navy and red. They love putting these on their white and navy kufi caps (those cute knit caps that you can clip flowers and bows to)!

These were also per request of my sister for her daughters. Birthday bows!!! i love them! I still have plenty of ribbon left over, so if you'd like a Birthday bow or two for your daughter to wear on her special day, order away! (Another fun idea is to use it as a decorative bow on top of a present, that the receiver can then wear in her hair.)

Refer to the right side for basic pricing. The bows in the last two pictures are Big Bows.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Select the ribbon (or combination of ribbons) you'd like for your customized hair clip:

More ribbon is coming all the time.
If you don't see something you like, let me know what you're looking for and I can find it.

Hair Clips

To Place an Order

Ribbon 1

Ribbon 1
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Ribbon 2

Ribbon 2
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add $0.25 to each set of 2

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